CSIT 2022

What can CSIT give you? First of all, it gives you the opportunity to know God and to know our church better!

5 days, lots of activities, lots of conversation, music, dancing, relaxation and meeting lots of new people!

Participation fees* by accommodation type are as follows:

  •     In your own tent: 250 RON
  •     In your own mattress (in the building): 330 RON
  •     Mattress: 440RON
  •     In a hotel (Jakab Antal House): 550 RON

*The participation fee includes meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for the whole meeting, plus a free CSIT T-shirt for those who register before 1 July!


This year's CSIT theme: 3 in 1! Curious to know what that means?

We welcome your application:

I apply

2022. Aug. 9–13.





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